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Big Buck BowHunt Registration

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Big Buck BowHunt Registration
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1.  Contest includes Archery Only and General season (Youth-Only dates are allowed for youth hunters) as outlined by Texas Parks & Wildlife.

2.  Buck must be harvested by bow or  cross bow.  Firearms are not allowed.

3.  Entry form with $15 fee must be postmarked or dropped off at one of the Drop Off locations by Friday September 29 2017 at the close of business.

4.  Make checks payable to BigBuck BowHunt. Payments by credit card either by calling 361-798-1531 or online will have a $1 service fee added.

5. There are 7 divisions.

                 • Lavaca County Division– free ranging buck harvested in Lavaca County by an adult.

                 • Texas Open Division – free ranging buck harvested in any Texas county other than Lavaca County or the Special South Texas area by an adult

• South Texas Division – free ranging buck harvested in the area described as the Specil South Texas in the Texas Parks & Wildlife by an adult.

• High Fence Division—buck harvested from land that is surrounded by an escape-proof fence by a hunter of any age; youth or adult. No scientific     breeder deer will be allowed

• Youth Division – free ranging buck harvested in any Texas county by a youth 15 or younger as of Sept 30th, 2017. bow or Cross bows  allowed.

* Cross Bow Division– Crossbow will be allowed and must be presented at time of scoring will apply to all age categories.

• Longest spike buck-measuring both sides to total combined score.  No other antler can  measure off of beam greater than 7/8”

6.  The $15 fee enters a hunter in all divisions applicable by age, however the hunter can claim only one prize in the contest overall.

7.  Deer must be a legal Whitetail buck harvested during legal seasons as defined by Texas Parks & Wildlife. County game laws must be followed.

8.  Bucks considered “tame”, “domesticated” or “pet” are not allowed.

9.  Bucks that were ever kept inside a pen for breeding purposes or any other reason are not allowed. Bucks cannot have been raised in a fenced-in area and                              released.  Bucks that are tagged or tattooed are not allowed.

10.  Lavaca County bucks must be measured within 24 hours, others must be measured within 72 hours of harvest, by one of the official scorers listed below.

11.  It is the hunter’s responsibility to travel to Hallettsville, TX for scoring unless an alternative location is agreed upon by the scorer.

12.  A buck with cape and antlers attached must be presented for scoring.

13. The buck must be legally harvested and properly tagged according to the most recent Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Annual.

14. Winners will be decided by the total gross score using the Pope & Young method of scoring.

15.Tie breakers will be determined by the longest single point off of either main beam. All measurements are rounded to the nearest 1/8”.

16. In the event that placing entries are within 1 point of each other, each of the remaining scorers will re-score the bucks. Final score will be an average of the 4 scores.

17. Random lie detector tests may be administered if deemed necessary by the committee. Any contestant that fails to comply with such request will be dis qualified.

18. Any hunter trying to cheat in this contest will be automatically disqualified, forfeit their prize and will be banned from entering again.

19. By entering the contest, you have agreed to comply with the rules and the decisions made by the committee members. All decisions of the committee will be f inal.

20. Any pictures taken by scorers or contest committee or any pictures provided by the hunter may be used for advertising and promotion by contest host

21. Crossbows will be allowed for specified categories and  must be presented for inspection when scoring in the animal with the judge.


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